Workers Compensation

Mandatory insurance for all work situations:

  • Companies, independent workers, housekeepers, etc
  • In the workplace or on the way to/from it

Guarantees sick leaves, compensations and all necessary expenses to the re-establishment of their health condition (as longs as it’s medically possible), such as:

  • Medical, surgical, Farmaceutical and hospital assistance/expenses (such as treatments, medication, rehabilitation, prosthetics,etc.)
  • Compensations for Temporary disability (partial or total)
  • Compensations/Pensions for Permanent disability (partial or total) (compensations according to the degree of disability, pensions, housing readaptation, professional readaptation, etc.)
  • Compensations for Death (family pensions, subsidies, funeral expenses, etc.)

Protection of health care through an insurance:

  • With all diseases included (even if severe or rare)
  • That’s lifelong
  • With pandemics coverage (including covid-19)
  • WIth automatic international coverage

Tax benefits for companies


Individual or fleet auto insurance, with risk coverage adapted to the needs of each economic activity or company.

D&O Directors and Officers

Aims to protect personal property of those in power positions when it comes to decision making and management in the company, against actions from third parties, such as official regulation organs, clients, suppliers, liquidators, administrators or even workers.

  • Complaints against an insured person for harmful management acts
  • Refunding the company for claims against the insured person
  • Complaints against the company for harmful management acts
  • Employment practices (complaints against workers while in management practices)
  • Costs related to a management crisis
  • Legal defense costs
E&O Errors and Omissions

Protection of damages and losses that may result from possible professional errors, such as: Lawyers, Consultants, Engineers, Technologists, etc.

Main guarantees:

  • Professional liability
  • Reputation damage
  • Violation of intellectual property
  • Legal defense costs
Cyber Risk

Aims to protect against possible security breaches, computer viruses, hacker attacks, dishonest or negligent workers, information leaks, identity theft, among others.

Main guarantees:

  • Cyber extortion
  • Computer forensics
  • ”RGPD” responsibility
  • Image/Reputation rehabilitation
  • Data recovery
  • Legal expenses
  • Legal advisory
  • **worldwide**

Protection of property- Buildings and/or Contents- against risks such as:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Electric Risks
  • Water damages
  • Storms
  • Seismic phenomena
General Liability

Companies face insurable responsibilities towards third parties, such as:

  • Activity practices
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Professional (third party damages through work or services provided)
KEY PERSON Family and Business

The “key person” in a family or company requires special and individualized protection plans, adapted to the risks and time in their lives.

  • Life insurance- for their profession
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Travel insurance (permanent)
  • Terrorism
  • Abduction and rescue
  • Repatriation

Secrecy and confidentiality!


360º Insurance Solutions for Transportation

  • CMR / Transporter Liability Insurance Coverage ( acording to international convention)
  • Transported goods, covering the risks caused to the insured goods, as outcome of the transportation by either Sea, Land, aerial or postal.
  • Transportation vehicle: Land Fleets ( load vehicles ), ships or airplanes.

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